1. I design the exclusive covers for CoolDudes Publishing PTY LTD and Men over the Rainbow
What exactly is a retainer? 
Simply put, by retaining me, you become my employer. I work for you on a freelance basis for a monthly fee. I am at your disposal on a daily basis until you terminate my employment.  Large advertising and design studios are paid on a retainer basis by their clients. 

What's in it for you?
Peace of mind that you have an amazing graphic designer in your employ - someone you can rely on to get your work created whenever you wish.  You don't need to look elsewhere for a cover designer or brand manager.  You save time and money. I also work for you on a retro-active basis (redesigning your previous work).

Retainer services include:
Creating a personal brand portfolio for you as an author. 
Creating artwork for your book covers, letterheads, business cards and swag.
Revisions on all your requirements.  
Creating banners for all your social media and revision as needed. 
Creating simple, short trailers for your books.
Studio and equipment rental (you are not just hiring me, you're also hiring my studio and equipment).
Recreating all the above on a retro-active basis.

Corporates and publishing companies: $1100.00 per month. 
Indie Authors: $200.00 per month. 

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