You've written a book.

Need a cover. Need artwork. Need banners. 
All of which could really put you out
of pocket for a term or more.
Don't despair. The Cover Cabin has

it all worked out for you. 
Check out the covers.Contact me.Let's chat.

I'm Corneles Bronkhorst and have twenty years experience in the graphic design field. I decided to design book covers at a reasonable cost to you because I know how expensive designers are out there, and to help you visualize the most important message in your work.  

The very first thing a reader sees is the cover.  Suddenly, the cover becomes the single most significantly important  part of your novel.  It gets the message across visually. It imprints on the reader's brain as a book she'd love to read, or one she'll pass up.  Make no mistake, I understand that (my hubby is an author). So, if you're cursing because you don't know who to approach, try me.  Others have, and they aren't disappointed because I do it on time, I'm cheaper, and better. 

I design for the gay and straight markets. Mostly gay though.  My clients are drawn from all over the world.  I absolutely love what I do, it's highly rewarding to help people achieve something as important as publishing their work.

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​So, please drop me an email.  I'd love to get to know you and take your novel to the next level. 

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